The Board of Managers

Helene Werger      President                
Jon Rosenblum      Vice President  
David Brown          2nd Vice President
Walter Edelstein    Treasurer         
Wendy Sayet          Secretary                 
Grit Kuhnen  
Jinny Welch
Ed Tsai
Abby Ventimiglia

To contact the Board of Managers:
Tele:     516.430.7477 (please leave a voice message and we will get back to you)
Email:   [email protected]

Committees of the Board

Resale Secretary            Helene Werger, 718.224.1521 (please only call for resale info)
Landscaping                   Jon Rosenblum, Abby Ventimiglia
Welcome Committee      Grit Kuhnen, Abby Ventimiglia
Maintenance                  Jon Rosenblum, David Brown, Walter Edelstein
Communications             Wendy Sayet, David Brown
Digital Communications  Jinny Welch
Violations                       Board of Managers